Nerd Together [Alpha]
Books, thinking and critical discourse is an afterthought in social media today. We are building a place for people who dont think it has to be that way.

BookTribes are mobile book clubs for book nerds, where we make it easy for book nerds to gush about books they love with each other. 🤓

We are looking for book lovers to join our early community. We have been hunted twice on Product Hunt - for our first app booklights and again for our current alpha. In both cases, we had a great reception and lots of amazing feedback.

We are adopting an open development model, where we strive to be as open as possible. We post all user feedback (good/bad) in our slack group. We also have a blog where we will be posting regular updates. Join us!
Join Our Nerd Community
Download our alpha to discover nerds who love the same books and discuss over quotes, questions with them..
Download our alpha from the app store.
iOS only right now. Working hard on web.
Get Involved With Our Mission
If you like our mission to make the web a nerdier place, help us beta test, make suggestions or evangelise etc!

You can get involved in the following ways:
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