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Why are we doing this?
To Make America Read Again. Click to read more.
We built this app because…
  1. We feel mainstream tech don’t believe people read any more. The prevailing narrative is that people don’t have the attention span.
  2. We believe in the transformative power of books, but, there has been little innovation in the book space even though a lot of people love books.
  3. Ebooks, smartphones, and screenshot sharing has made it easier to communicate and we wanted to go further to help people to connect and share beautifully. Here is one of our users:
  4. And it started with an itch to do more with what we read. We realized we forgot a lot after we finished a book. By sharing highlights of our learnings it helped us remember and actualize what we read. We hope it will also help connect people who share the same interests around a book.

We are 2 book lovers. I’m an ex-IDEO product designer, early social gaming pioneer, and health tech veteran. My partner, Ming, ran growth for a range of Silicon Valley startups including Airtime, Zirx, and BloomThat.

We’re just starting out with Booklights, but, we are passionate about this space, and we want to make reading an activity that is as widely shared as game of thrones.